Collaborations with Landlocked Films

Throughout our 21-year history, we have been privileged to help numerous non-profit and educational partners bring their work to wider audiences.  Here’s a sample.

Dance2BFree & NeeNee Productions: “Nebraska Women’s Correctional Center”

Dance 2B Free uses dance with women in prison to address needs for movement/fitness, trauma recovery, leadership, and community building. D2BF also provides women with healthy lifestyle choices and tangible skills while in prison and when they re-enter their communities.  This 3-minute video received 19,000 views on Facebook within a week of posting.  Learn more

Colorado Shakespeare Festival:  “Be an Upstander”

Landlocked Films produced this video with the Colorado Shakespeare Festival, the Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence and the Department of Theatre & Dance at CU Boulder. Actors perform an abridged Shakespeare play, followed by workshops about violence prevention. Students in post-show workshops roleplay alternatives to violence and learn about Safe2Tell, an anonymous tipline.   Learn More

Oral Health Colorado: “Smartmouth Kids”

Landlocked Films collaborated with Oral Health Colorado to create the Smart Mouths Smart Kids (SMSK) toolkit, to encourage Colorado communities to achieve health equity for disparate populations across the state.   Co-sponsored by Oral Health Colorado and Dentaquest Foundation.

University of Colorado: “Learn More About Climate”

We co-produced the first 8 of this series with CU’s Department of Outreach and Engagement, to give K-12 students and the broader community access to CU’s trove of Colorado-based climate information.  Learn more

John P. Hussman Foundation: “We Thought You’d Never Ask”

Renowned Autism advocate Paula Kluth, the Hussman Foundation, and Landlocked Films co-produced this half-hour documentary that gives voice to a range of perspectives from adults with autism.  The film was broadcast on PBS stations nationwide and on Canadian Public Television.

Colorado Lawyers Committee: “Annual Lunch Awards”

The Colorado Lawyers Committee is the state’s largest organization of  public interest and pro bono attorneys.  Every year, they honor the attorney who has done the most for the organization over a their entire career.  We’ve produced these videos very year — with one exception — since 2012.  Learn more

eCrossCulture: “Cross-Cultural Training”

Landlocked Films collaborated on a series of U.S. Government-funded projects with the cultural competency training firm eCrossCulture to develop instructor-led and computer-based training and tools to enhance cross-cultural interactions.  Learn more 

Limitless Horizons Ixil

We were proud to co-produce this video with Limitless Horizons Ixil, a nonprofit creating opportunities for the indigenous youth, women, and families of Chajul, Guatemala. LHI helps students develop skills needed to effect change in their lives. Learn more 

El Porvenir: “It Means the Future”

We co-produced this video with El Porvenir, a nonprofit devoted to improving access to clean water and sanitation in Nicaragua.  El Porvenir also works with communities on health and hygiene education and reforestation.  Learn more 

Puentes Culturales: “Language and Culture”

Landlocked Films and Puentes Culturales, in collaboration with the University of Colorado’s Department of Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences, the City of Boulder, and other partners, co-produced five videos on a range of topics related to bilingual education and early language acquisition.  Learn more